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URL Decoder.

Easily decode encoded url online for free and make them more readable with our nifty tool.

URL Decoder

What is URL Decoding?

URL decoding is the process of converting encoded characters and symbols in a URL back into their original form. This makes the URL more readable and easier to understand.

URLs often contain special characters and symbols that need to be encoded to be used properly. Decoding the URL makes it easier to read and understand, and can also help with debugging and troubleshooting.

Can I encode a URL using the URL decoder?

No, the URL decoder is designed specifically for decoding URLs. To encode a URL, you'll need to use a URL encoder tool.

Is the URL decoder tool free?

Yes, the URL decoder tool is completely free to use online. Simply enter your encoded URL and click "decode" to get started.

Use Programming Language to decode a URL

If you're working in PHP, JavaScript, Python, or Java, you can use the help of these codes to make sense of those encoded strings.

Using the URL decoder in PHP is a breeze. Simply use the "urldecode" function, like so:

            $decoded_url = urldecode($encoded_url);

In JavaScript, you can use the "decodeURIComponent" function:

            var decoded_url = decodeURIComponent(encoded_url);

In Python, you can use the "urllib.parse.unquote" function:

            import urllib.parse
            decoded_url = urllib.parse.unquote(encoded_url)

And in Java, you can use the "URLDecoder.decode" method:

            String decoded_url = URLDecoder.decode(encoded_url, "UTF-8");
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